Executive Recruitment

Our Values

We have four core values which are a focus for how our staff and volunteers work with each other to provide care for our patients. 

We think of our values as a set of guiding principles to refer to when making decisions and interacting with people and they help us to work together to continuously improve the organisation and ourselves. 

These core values form part of the Trust’s Performance Framework which regularly reviews how staff are performing against each of the values.                                    

1.  Patient and People Focus

This value enables us to place the patient first we everything we do. 

All staff are required to demonstrate that they:

  • Communicate effectively with patients, families and colleagues 
  • Pro-actively personalise the service, connecting with patients and carers
  • Adopt and practice the ‘safe, clean, personal’ ethos.

2.  Continuous Improvement

This value ensures that the organisation including individual staff are always moving forwards and improving the ways things are done. 

All staff are required to demonstrate that they:

  • Look at ways of measuring and auditing improvements
  • Pro-actively develop goals and objectives in support of the Trust’s vision
  • Identify opportunities to reduce waste and inefficiency.

3.  Accountability

This value enables us all to recognise our own part in keeping our organisation ‘safe, clean and personal’ in the way we care for people. 

All staff are required to demonstrate that they:

  • Are transparent and results focused
  • Display personal accountability towards problem-solving
  • Recognise and accept accountability beyond job role.

4.  Respect

This value is about respecting patients and colleagues alike, and also the on-going reputation of the organisation. 

All staff are required to demonstrate that they:

  • Are supportive and empower staff involvement
  • Are consistent and understanding of others and their needs.